New Strategy to Write Emails That Actually
Get the Attention of your Dream Clients! 
⬇️  We are Changing the Game AGAIN...
Endless Cold Calling, Hang Ups, "No Thank You's", Countless Emails That Never Get Opened...

Ring A Bell...?

Well, you are not alone! In today's AI driven market, now more than ever we find ourselves amidst a remarkable era of abundant opportunities in online marketing.

Abundant Opportunities. Opportunity being the key word, but how exactly do you capitalize on it? 

Better yet, how do you even find the opportunities?!

And not the ones that hang-up, or say "no thank you". And definitely not the opportunities that actively invest in racking up your "un-subscribe" rate in your email campaigns...

Trying to capitalize on opportunity is TAXING! The hours and hours of cold calling. The millions of emails to churn up leads that just end up in someones spam...

The truth is in every city, there exists an abundance of business, numbering in the hundreds or even thousands. They are eagerly seeking assistance with their website, reputation management, social media presence, blogging, Google rankings, traffic generation, sales funnels, and much more. 

But is all that dialing, typing, copy and pasting, actually doing ANYTHING for you?! 

Don't Waste Another Minute Of Pointless Prospecting!

Envision the number of remarkable opportunities if you had an AI automated system that effortlessly gathered all the necessary information for prospecting any market, empowering you to identify those who are in need of your expertise:

➡️ Does their business need a website?

➡️ Is their website optimized for mobile devices?
➡️ Do they maintain an active blog?

➡️ Is their website lacking an SSL certificate?

➡️ Are they facing critical SEO issues?

And what about...

➡️ Are social media profiles missing from their online presence?

➡️ Do they have social covers??

➡️ Are they posting engaging social posts?? 

Then of course...

➡️ Are they actively collecting reviews from their customers?
➡️ Do they leverage 5-star reviews as a marketing asset?

➡️ Using any video marketing??

And then there's...

➡️ Who is spending money on ads??

➡️ Are they implementing retargeting strategies to re-engage their target audience?

These are merely a fraction of the essential data points that can simplify the process of capturing the attention of your top prospects. 
What Could Effortless Yet Engaging Conversations Starters - SENT ON AUTOPILOT - Do For You?

“Hey, I attempted to [call, schedule an appointment, send an email] from your website..."

🔑 and noticed you're missing an SSL...
🔑 but, it never loaded and timed out...
🔑 however, the click-to-call didn't work at all...

“...My expertise is helping businesses solve these problems. Is this something you'd like support with?"
Imagine a world full of "YES"! Where you never have to worry about inconsistent lead generation, a steady stream of interest from your target market, and all the while enjoying a residual income from a steady stream of paying customers...
Don't Pay $1,200/yr For Unlimited AI Access...
Now Only $399/yr


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"That Sounds Great and All... But How Easy Is It?"
We Made It As Simple As "1,2,3"!
STEP 1: Set It Up With Ease!
With a seemless and easy set up, you will be up and running - ready to go in a matter of minutes!
STEP 2: Let AI Revolutionize Your Prospecting
Lead Kahuna 5.0 comes locked and loaded with the power of AI! Including speedy AI analysis of over 80 data points, giving you real-time data from all the major data providers. That way you are targeting only the businesses that ACTUALLY need your help!

STEP 3: Wash, Rinse, Repeat!
Lead Kahuna 5.0 is so simple! All you do is set it up, let it automate your lead generation, use the AI prompts to get your perfect target market to respond and you are good-to-go!

This revolutionary way to generate more income can make it almost effortless for you to get more residual paying customers.

You will be well on your way to taking advantage of this incredible opportunity of having a stable client base and consistent income.

AI will do all the heavy lifting for you 
That means:

- No more cold calling!
- No more writers block!
- No more aimless emails!

...Getting Your Financial and Time Freedom Back!


($1,5000 Value!)
The Instant Expert Method to create marketing authority using a collaboration of AI & Lead Kahuna 5.0!
Don't miss out on this exclusive masterclass with a true AI marketing expert! Learn how to become an instant expert by creating custom marketing reports for any industry and location while leveraging advanced AI to analyze the data for you!

Use this incredible asset to approach businesses and generate attention! A strategy previously reserved for Madison Avenue agencies, this approach turns Chat GPT into your own data scientist to build remarkable authority for your business. 


-> 2 Hours of LIVE Training! Previously Only Available to our      Partner Program Members!

-> Canva Infographic Templates!

-> Word-For-Word Prompts to Create Your Own Campaign!

-> DFY Email Outreach Sequence!

-> DFY White Paper Template!
BONUS #1 ($1,000 Value)
Lead Kahuna AI Writer Unlocked!
Empower your copy writing efforts with our brand new AI Email writer! 

Effortlessly generate compelling and personalized Emails that utilize over 80 data points in a fraction of the time. All by the power of a few clicks. 

Say goodbye to writer's block forever! Unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns with Lead Kahuna AI Writer Unlocked!
BONUS #2 ($1,000 Value)
AI Voice Broadcaster!
Introducing AI Voice Broadcaster: Our groundbreaking software feature that eliminates cold calling for good!

It's still in its Alpha stage and will be release soon, but this dynamic feature will allow you to effortlessly send voice broadcasts without uttering a single word. This cutting-edge technology leverages the power of AI to automate your communication process.

AI Voice Broadcaster will take care of the cold calling for you, delivering wave after wave of warm prospects right to you!

Put down the phone and let AI bring the warm leads to your doorstep!
BONUS #3 ($1000 Value)
"12 Secrets" Insider Mastery Series
In This First To Market Series Learn How To:

-> Effectively leverage Lead Kahuna’s Data to get the right message to the perfect prospect!

-> Finally start getting traction with reviews and testimonials to propel your agency!

-> Discover voice prospecting to get your phone ringing, and instantly generate custom images of your prospect's websites and socials to use in emails!

-> Utilize AI Voice Broadcaster takes care of the cold calling for you, delivering wave after wave of warm prospects right to you!

-> Build lists using Groupon, Pay Per Click, and E-commerce Leads!

-> Craft incredible “Embed Offers” that let you personalize your campaigns for clients!

-> Learn how to craft Local Analyzer micro-audits and use Local Analyzer in tandem with Lead Kahuna!
BONUS #4 ($1000 Value)
AI Prompt Guide
Includes Proven Copy & Paste Prompts!
Craft highly tailored emails for virtually any marketing service you could ever offer! 

From website development to SEO, social media, reputation management, video production funnels, blogging, and more!

Leverage Lead Kahuna's AI insights & vast data point analysis to captivate your audience and elevate your marketing potential! 

Increase your revenue! All by way of a simple Copy & Paste!
BONUS #5 (Over $1,000 in savings)
Members Only Price-Lock!
Secure your pricing for a lifetime! 

As a valued member, you get to enjoy the benefit of never having your price increase for these Lead Kahuna features. 

Join today and experience the power of effortless AI lead gen that's helped thousands of others grow their agency!
This is your FIRST and ONLY chance to get UNLIMITED 5.0 ACCESS including THOUSANDS in Exclusive Bonuses:
Don't Miss Out On These
Exclusive - Limited Time Bonuses!


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Still Think That's Not Enough?
Powerful AI Driven Data To MAXIMIZE Reach
Reach more prospects than ever! By speaking directly to their existing needs and integrating personalized data about their company, your response rate will sky-rocket.

Inside Lead Kahuna you can get powerful business intelligence on the state of the company website, SEO, Google listings, reputation, social profiles, online advertising, and usability. 

A virtual gold-mine of information you can use to get your foot in the door with more prospects by telling their story!
Integrated AI Cold Email Prospecting
Experience the remarkable convenience of sending compelling emails right within Lead Kahuna, utilizing its state of the art - integrated AI capabilities.

With this extraordinary feature, you can maximize the chances of your emails being opened and clicked, all without the ease of staying right in the software.

Take advantage and unlock the potential of powerful tools such as subject line split testing, along with an exclusive assortment of pre-designed templates that are already proven and market tested.

Dive into the realm of AI-enhanced email management, making your outreach more impactful and efficient than ever before!
AI Voice Broadcasting With Press #1 To Connect
Ready to do more than just email your leads?! Use built-in voice broadcasting to get connected with leads who are interested in hearing more about your offer.

Leads can simply press #1 to be instantly connected with you, or #2 to receive a text message with your direct calendar link!

Say goodbye to the endless cold call sessions where you get countless hangups and "no thank you" responses!

Reach the right decision makers with the right offer to meet a real need you already identified. Prequalified leads on tap!
Auto-Fill Company Website Contact Forms!
When you submit a company contact form you have a near 100% chance of having your message read!

But instead of spending countless hours doing so... have Lead Kahuna AI do the hard work for you and leverage unlimited web form message marketing to get past captcha gatekeepers. 

This little known, but highly powerful prospecting strategy is the perfect compliment to the personalized data you gather inside of Lead Kahuna. 
Screen Capture Websites + Custom Overlays!
Use your prospects website with a custom overlay to show them visually how you can help!

Feed Lead Kahuna any list of URLs and watch it go to work generating custom overlays for your offers and then use those custom images in your emails to boost open rates and get more responses!
5 Star Reviews

Don F.

"I wanted to give my gratitude to the Lead Kahuna System.. the processes and techniques...

I went from 2-5 prospects per week to 20 per week. I've doubled my sales volume and ready to take on sales staff"

Dan G.

"Using Lead Kahuna.. it was unbelievable.. I started Monday evening at 11 PM and the next morning I had a response...

that literally turned into $5000 in closed business!"

Brian B.

"I wasn't getting any leads at all, I'm really not a sales person...

I used Lead Kahuna, started practicing and sent out 12 emails and got
one sales meeting just by playing around with it"


This is your LAST CALL opportunity!

$5,000+ Of Exclusive Bonuses Included:

➡️ Unlock AI Technology Inside Lead Kahuna

➡️ AI Voice Broadcasting

➡️ Web Leads, Yellow Pages, PPC & Research Lead List

➡️ Open/Click Notifications, SMS, Email & Hot Call Transfers

➡️ Unlimited Leads For Your Business [80+ Data Points]

➡️ Web Form Campaigns & Sales Letter Campaigns

➡️ Import & List/Export To Any CRM Auto responder

➡️ Mac & PC Compatible
Now Only $399/yr


IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE : By Opting in You Agree to a Reasonable Use that Prohibits abuse or sharing of this account. We reserve the right to make any changes to this Policy at any time. 
Maybe You Still Have Questions...
Are all the leads mine? Can I sell them?


Isn’t sending out emails to people that have not opted in SPAM? 

NO! Not when you send it out to a business. It’s cold email. As long as you send from a real name, address, and allow them to be removed you are basic SPAM compliant.

What is the best product / services to sell to these leads?

The best product or service is to IDENTIFY A PROBLEM THEY HAVE. 89% Of Businesses don’t have Video On The Home Page. SELL THEM A RepVideo, 93% Of Dentist Don’t Do Retargeting, 87% Of Businesses don’t have Proper Citations / Listings… etc.

We go over ALL THESE Services and give you exclusive strategies on them inside your Lead Kahuna training 

How Many Leads Can I Pull Per Day?

Lead Kahuna provides you with as many leads as you can search, there are no limits!

Do I need Proxies To Use Lead Kahuna: NO and YES

If you generate more than 150+ Leads a day, you will need to use additional IP Proxies .

What else do I need other then Lead Kahuna?

Twilio account for Voice Broadcasts and an email account for your outbound mail.

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